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Feb 27, 2019

Notre Dame Prep students Jagger Jones, Ashley Kusbel, Trevor Johnson join the show.


3/27: Angst The Movie (Free event) 6:15pm @ Notre Dame Prep High School


Upcoming Events

2/26: HOA Board of Directors Meeting 7:00pm @ McDowell Center

3/1: Desert Canyon Elementary School Carnival 5:30-8:30pm

3/19: Arizona Game and Fish @ McDowell Center 6:15pm

3/22: 80's Party Desert Canyon Middle School

McDowell Business Network - 1st Thursday of the month 6:45pm at McDowell Center 


Shawn Shackelton's Information

Website: The Shackelton Group


Phone: (480) 734-7277


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Facebook: @BrandablesCo

LinkedIn: Brandables

Twitter: @BrandablesCo


McDowell Mountain Ranch Podcast Information

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Facebook Group: @MMRNeighbors

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