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Mar 6, 2019

McDowell Mountain Ranch Podcast Producer Shari Clenard joins the show to talk about the Desert Canyon Elementary School Spring Carnival and more.  If you want to be on the show or have a good topic reach out to Shari at

Upcoming Events

3/7-10: Parada Del Sol Rodeo

3/8-10: Scottsdale Arts Festival

3/15-17: Good Guys Spring Nationals

3/19: Arizona Game and Fish @ McDowell Center 6:15pm

3/22: 80's Party Desert Canyon Middle School

3/27: Angst The Movie (Free event) 6:15pm @ Notre Dame Prep High School

McDowell Business Network - 1st Thursday of the month 6:45pm at McDowell Center 


Shawn Shackelton's Information

Website: The Shackelton Group


Phone: (480) 734-7277


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Facebook: @BrandablesCo

LinkedIn: Brandables

Twitter: @BrandablesCo


McDowell Mountain Ranch Podcast Information

If you are interested in being the producer of the MMR Podcast, please email

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Facebook Group: @MMRNeighbors

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